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THE 100 CLUB: 2/16/22

New Music from Caroline Polachek, MOTHERMARY, 21 Savage


Caroline Polachek


Caroline Polachek continues to push exciting new limits in her LP2 era, with a song that's leagues ahead of last years "Bunny Is A Rider", It's well produced. poetic and perfectly performed, everything I'd want from oddball pop.



“Catch Fire”

Italians Do It Better rookies MOTHERMARY really came out of left field this year with a great debut. "Catch Fire" just happens to be one of the most catchy and danceable songs here.


Father John Misty


FJM continues his streak of beautiful and theatrical music, toning down the gimmicks a little bit to focus more on writing a catchier track. It's still funny, it's still got lots of strings, it's still him.

Fivio Foreign / Kanye West / Alicia Keys

“City of Gods”

I like this song, I don't fully love it. The Alicia Keys chorus over the drill is cool, Fivio sounds hungry and Kanye gives us a decent verse. It's a banger, but something about it not thrilling me quite as much as it should.


Yung Kayo / Eartheater

"hear you"

Thugger protege Yung Kayo comes together with AntiArt Podcast alum, Eartheater for a fun and colorful trap banger with some great operatic vocal flourishes.

King Von / 21 Savage

"Don't Play That"

Beat is nice, Ivrics and performances are serviceable for the most part. Not really feeling that Took a pack line considering Von has passed. Overall decent cut.


Pusha T

"Diet Coke"

Pusha T is back in a big way. He is one of those artists that hasn't oversaturated his sound so when he pops up, it feels fresh each time. The beat by Kanye here is sick, his Lyrical content is as dense as ever and even the music video works. Nice concise rap package


Bad Boy Chiller Crew


I don't know where this song came out of, seemingly nowhere, but I'm fucking with it. It reminds me of a catchier and wordier version of The Streets, with a great drum 'n' bass, acoustic guitar combo for the beat.


"Graffiti On The Wall”

Ida No of Glass Candy and Nat Walker of Chromatics combine their talents on this dreamy, '70s throwback slow rock cut. The melodies are very pretty and so is the entire atmosphere of the record.

Arlo Parks


Arlo continues of her streak of making catchy and serviceable pop rock music. I kind of hope that she ventures into more interesting territory with future songs, but this does the job for now.

Tess Roby

"Ideas of Space"

Tess Rob is one of the more exciting artists who came from Italians Do It Better, although she's since moved on. This is a great little ethereal pop cut that feels fresh, give it a listen.


"Eat The Wine, Drink The Bread"

I'm going to need a little more time with this one before I figure out if I love it or just like it. The driving '80s grooves bring me back to his best record, Kaputt. The melodies and delivery is just not quite as sharp, but that might grow on me after some time.


"Bad Love"

I'm so happy I saw this band live, because now really understand their throwback rock appeal. This track is no exception, really emphasizing the quickly delivered lines from the lead singer.

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