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THE 100 CLUB: 2/7/22

New Music from ROSALÍA, Animal Collective, 2 Chainz & More




This song fucks, it just does. After a few straightforward singles, ROSALÍA is finally able to marry her artpop tendencies with her newfound shift towards reggaeton. The hard parts of the beat go off, the little piano flourishes add a weird jazzy element and ROSALÍA herself is commanding. Love this track.


Kamasi Washington

“The Garden Path”

On the gorgeous, fast-paced “The Garden Path”, Kamasi Washington makes his music more accessible without removing any of the personality. The afrobeat of Tony Allen is alive and well through the percussion, the gorgeous pianos and sax solos are reminiscent of great like Pharaoh Sanders. With each passing song and project, Washington is continuing to show what makes him the best at his current jazz craft.



“Call Me Home”

SASAMI is a genre-bending beast. I have loved pretty much every single coming off the new record, and that’s because nothing sounds like it’s coming from the same headspace. As opposed to a nu-metal banger like “Say It” or some crust punk as on “Skin A Rat”, we get an earnest and pretty acoustic ballad.



“Stay Soft”

“Open up your heart like the gates of Hell!” sings Mitski to open up the chorus. She’s been speaking in paradoxes for years, but I feel this one to be particularly powerful. Following this line is of course, a great chorus and a song filled to the brim with lush ‘80s soft-rock magic.

Toro Y Moi



Animal Collective

“Car Keys”

After years of trying way too hard to sound like everyone and no one at the same time, AnCo is back with a sound that hits the sweet spot. Digital didgeridoos and Beach Boys melodies are a winning combo on “Car Keys”.


Ariel Pink

“Horse-Head Mother”

Ariel Pink is back again, this time with a brand new band. I really like this more produced and clear sounding Ariel, it feels like a return to his 2010s self but in a much darker way.


Andy Morin / Backxwash

“Dig Yourself A Grave”

Andy Morin is proving himself to be one of the most fluid modern producers, sparing the typical rave fare on “Dig Yourself A Grave” for more stoic, industrial electronic sound. Backxwash’s very emphatic rap style is in such good hands here, I need more.




Yeule is bringing hyperpop from 2040 to the year 3000 with this new album of hers, with this beautiful, auto-tuned piano ballad being one of my absolute favorites. Whooooo whoooo whoooooooooooooo

Anonymous Club/LEECH



Black Country New Road

“Chaos Space Marine”

This new track is much more straightforward than what I know from this group, it almost sounds like an Arcade Fire song. What is very apparent from “Chaos Space Marine” is that this group has great post-punk chemistry, strong vocals and they know how to pack a lot of substance into a small package.

illuminati hotties

“Sandwich Sharer”

Nia Archives

“Luv Like”

Circuit des Yeux

“The Manatee (A Story of This World Pt. III)”

Kavinsky / Prudence / Morgan Phalen


2 Chainz / 42 Dugg

“Million Dollars Worth of Game”



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