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THE 100 CLUB: 3/7/22

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

New Music from Nilüfer Yanya, Club Intl, Tinashe, Diplo & More!


Charli XCX


Crash is upon us, and as a final silence to any critics, “Baby” shows that Charli is comfortable dancing on her own. While previous singles had stellar features from Rina Sawayama, Caroline Polachek and Christine and the Queens, “Baby” has enough personality and catchiness without any assistance. I love the repetition of “I’ma make you mine” and “baby mmm” throughout, it really keeps the grooves and glow centered.


Nilüfer Yanya

“the dealer”

On the opening track to her sophomore record Painless, Nilüfer Yanya comes out the gates swinging. A flurry of earworm drums, warm bass and infectious strummed guitars starts from the second one and never lets up. Over top, Yanya sounds hungrier and more introspective than ever. “I need some time to work out, who this is?/I need to know now who I'm dealing with” she sings, before succumbing to the fact that she’s the problem.


Club Intl / Desire


Taking the revving synth patterns of his debut single to new heights, John Eatherly links with an Italians Do It Better OG for what may be his best track yet. It’s a blissful duet that never goes too strong vocally, the pair are like ghosts in this ‘80s pop machine. One of the best songs of the year without a doubt.


“Lost Track”


“Kathy Left 4 Kathmandu”


LEYA / Eartheater

“Must Have Been Good”

New York twosome LEYA are back on the DIY scene with a gorgeously produced third album. On our favorite track on the record, former collaborator Earthearter lends her spellbinding vocalizations over deep bass drum hits and harps. Needless to say, it’s perfection.

KAINA / Helado Negro



Wet Leg


I think that rock is on it’s way back when I hear bands like Squid, Pom Poko and Wet Leg having so much fun with the genre. For so much of the late-aughts, it was this Interpol-influenced trad rock that had no kick to it. A song like “Angelica” really comes out of left field with its sunny guitar tones and commanding vocals, it’s technically proficient but also visceral. Great combo from this group, excited to hear the debut.

Guided By Voices



Tinashe / Channel Tres

“HMU for a Good Time”

I’m going to be honest, I expected nothing from this track. Now that I’ve listened to it three times in a row, I’m considering giving the new Tinashe record another chance. I love how she’s given up on trying to be the next pop it girl, or Hot 97 token-R&B act, no, she is doing her on “HMU for a Good Time”, and it’s glorious.

Diplo / Seth Troxler / Desire

“Waiting For You”


BabyTron / DaBoii

“Chess Players”

All praise to both the ShittyBoyz and SOB x RBE, but BabyTron and DaBoii absolutely carried their respective groups. I’m loving the West Coast-Michigan connection here, it’s just two unstoppable flows back and forth. This is simple, effective and addictive rap music that you need to be listening to. (Shoutout to Ryan from 23Hunnid for always recommending BabyTron’s music).

Your Old Droog / Mach-Hommy

“Scooby Snacks”

Nigo / Pusha T

“Hear Me Clearly”


Emerson Snowe

“Everything I Seem To Do Is Wrong”

Emerson Snowe is one of my favorite emerging indie rock musicians who’s recently gone completely independent, so please show him love via Bandcamp (because he’ll get 100% of it). He recently dropped two archived records, Berlin Rain Songs 2 & Happy Love For J Di Prima. The song I’m highlighting here demonstrates his keen ear for melodies and skill as a guitar player. His music, no matter how produced it ever is, always has this acoustic, DIY charm to it that makes him a special artist.


death insurance


Speaking of special artists, death insurance just dropped the first ever release on A2B2 Records. The entire thing is a mad journey through internet brain rot, but my very favorite song is the breakbeat odyssey “ifeelgr8”. I love how bustling it is, and the ironic chorus “eyes on the prize and I’m feeling grrrrrrr8.”

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