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THE 100 CLUB: 12/17/21

New Music from Earl Sweatshirt, FKA twigs, George Clanton & More



"Heat Lightning"

Mitski continues to keep us captivated about what exactly her next album will sound like. On the poetic, stripped back "Heat Lightning", she serves a bit of Americana with some more spacious, ambient piano sections. I'm not sure what the title refers to, but it's evocative. It gets the people going.


FKA twigs/The Weeknd

"Tears In The Club"

This is a really interesting and straightforward new sound from FKA twigs that feels like an extension of her "Holy Terrain" track from 2019. With the help of Arca and a sultry feature from The Weeknd, she makes a smooth transition from the underground to the mainstream.


George Clanton

“Fucking Up My Life"

It feels like George Clanton is always coming through with the breakbeat-infused slacker anthems. On an overblown and very catchy chorus, he connects to that primal self-guilt that we constantly feel, a feeling that we're not doing enough with our lives. I really enjoy how instrumentally adventurous this one Is.

Tame Impala

“No Choice"

Listen, I'm never gonna sit here and tell you l'm mad at Kevin Parker over some bongos and bass. This song is just a little too standard, though that fact that it's a B-side is definitely a saving grace. It's pretty decent for what it is, even if it doesn't really trend any new ground for the band.

Wet Leg

“Too Late Now"

On a very existential and sad song about not giving into the systems, Wet Leg makes a compelling case for doing something different. The narrator is constantly changing their mind, but overall, they are listening to themselves and that's the important part.

Chantal Goya

“Tu m'as trop menti"

Sometimes a song really sits in obscurity until a film or TV gives it new life, and that's what happened with this French art rock banger. All it took was a weird Wes Anderson movie, and now it's popular in 2021. I love the drumming and overall attitude of the track.


Earl Sweatshirt/Armand Hammer

"Tabula Rasa"

I love the supreme confidence that Earl has these days. He allows two super talented rappers in billy woods and ELUCID front-end his track, and they kill it. But it's Earl who pops up at the end to really bring it all home with some confessional bars.




You will have the chorus stuck in your head if you continue to give this song listens. Her face paced rhymes about being "covered in hickeys only adds to the edgy catchiness that this song exudes.

Brent Faiyaz


Brent Faiyaz continues to fair well on these R&B cuts, drifting between "Fed's watching" paranoia and seductive sweet nothings. can say his overall production is continuing to improve and evolve. I love how he never fails to have an elaborate excuse to why he can't have a girlfriend that's my favorite aspect of his music. That and the dirty macking.

Jasmine Armando


This is some really fun, warped hype rap coming out of the U.K. It seems like a track that would play really well over footage of a riot, and that's in part due to Armando's exclaimed bars.

DEER/Wavy 93


This track is a combination between cloud rap, Latin pop and trap that is definitely a lot of fun. I like the concept of it a lot and the odd vocals from DEER.


"Thembo Fairy"

For fans of DIY oddball pop and GFOTY alike, we have these two artists making a very silly and cheekv track about a SpritelsMadeByFairies animation coming to lite and finding love. I really enjoy the "80s production and melodramatic vocal performances.

Dear Donna

“movie night"

DIY production and really great singing from Dear Donna add up to a track that feels playful, yet very careful with words. It's a song about continuing to push through despite things not working out, and I think we can all identify with that.



COUCOU CHLOE is one of the weirdest new names in hyperpop that I first heard of on the new Lady Gaga remix record. While I like this song instrumentally, it's the vocals that's never really do it for me sadly.

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