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THE 100 CLUB: 1/24/22

Our biggest edition of The 100 Club yet!! Featuring Standout Singles from Lana Del Rey, Joan of Arca, A.G. Cook, Big Thief, ILOVEMAKONNEN, Hatchie & More.


Lana Del Rey

"Watercolor Eyes - From ‘Euphoria’ An HBO Original Series"

Considering how each cast member of HBO’s Euphoria likely has their own deep appreciation for Lana’s music, I bet this is a dream come true. I don’t know the context for which this song is used because I’m not on this episode yet, but what I can say is that Lana Del Rey is on a roll. She captures the moods and motifs of the show – runny yet colorful makeup, dream-like romance, melodrama – it’s all here. The song is nothing too different instrumentally, but for a song made for TV, this is an exceptional one.


Joan.Of.Arca & Squeedishfish

“Sussy Time Sadness”

Bringing the amateurish qualities of her universally praised “212 - Among Us” parody to new heights with the help of Squeedishfish, Joan.Of.Arca has leveled herself up to the status of avant-contemporaries like Arca, Bjork and Sevdaliza. “Sussy Time Sadness” is a triumph, and I don’t mean this lightly when I say this is the greatest song of all time, with Ms. Of.Arca becoming the greatest American songwriter, living or dead. Jack Antonoff is a hack and needs to pack up his sitars and vintage guitars, Squeedishfish is the new super producer of the decade.


Nilufer Yanya

“midnight sun”

It’s been a little while since we’ve heard from Yanya, about 2 years since her debut album. “midnight sun” sees her returning with lush guitar and vocal tones, but this time with a new lust for life. While the track starts off simply enough, it gets heavier and more emotionally impactful as it plods along. I am very excited to see what’s next for her.


Big Thief

“Simulation Swarm”

Hey Big Thief, are you going to drop your entire album in single form? Please give us the album already! Each single has twisted their hippie forest folk into new shapes, with their last single being the most odd. I am really loving this new track though, it has this really momentous quality that feels so full of energy. Adrienne Lenker sounds more confident than ever in her unique vocal style as well. This is another W for the band as they continue to get jammier and jammier with each new release.


“High Alone”



“The Fallen”

You never know exactly what will pop out of the Boris vending machine, do you? On their new album, W released on Sacred Bones, we get a spacey and ambient version of their signature sound, with bits of anger bubbling under the surface. Being such a huge fan of their last release, NO, I was happy to see them indulge in the Heavy Rocks if only just for one track, which is the doomy “The Fallen”.


Alto Arc


Holy fucking shit, this song is absolutely incredible, the best track of the week in my opinion. George Clarke of Deafheaven and Trayer Tryon of Hundred Waters dual it out on vocals, going back and forth between sweet and harrowing. It’s all balanced out perfectly by virtuoso and PC Music OG Danny L Harle, who some may know for producing all of Caroline Polachek’s solo output thus far. The end result is a mix of trip-hop, screamo and Fever Ray-chamber pop that just fucking crushes. Great work on this one Alto Arc.

LustSickPuppy / Andy Morin


LustSickPuppy might be the most earworm-inducing rapper out at the current moment. She doesn’t just write choruses, she puts her entire being into them. The end result is one of the most exciting tracks of the year thus far, with an EP full of other awesome material attached (check out our incoming review for AS HARD AS YOU CAN).

Ö / Nomak / A.G. Cook


Similarly to “Bordelo”, this is balanced mix of serene and crushing sound masterminded by a PC Music OG, A.G. Cook. This is the sound of being bombarded by laser beams and having no clue what hit you. It’s slick, detailed and classic PC Music fair, just brought to exciting and unironic new territory.

Ecco2k / Bladee



“The Ladder”


ILOVEMAKONNEN / Yellow Trash Can

“Show It Off”

This is a runway strut for Makonnen that feels so right for his current sound (For a more expansive review, check out our coverage of his newest album, Everything Is Trash).



umru / Petal Supply / Rebecca Black


OK, this is so much better than that awful 645AR and Tommy Cash collab from a while back. With Charli departing from the PC Music-iverse, Rebecca Black comes into the fold for an unlikely, distorted banger. This is like SOPHIE meets XCX’s how i’m feeling now meets a rusty nail to the temple (not a hyperpop band, I mean that literally).


“Lie Love Lullaby”

Melody’s Echo Chamber

“Looking Backward”

Camp Cope

“Running with the Hurricane”




never really care for Pitchfork indie darlings like that, but Hatchie takes it a step beyond. Her vocal style is dramatic, reminiscent of Sky Ferreira, but her production is blissful and cinematic, like an Italians Do It Better release. This is 3D pop music that you don’t want to miss out on.


Lil Pump / Soulja Boy

“Mona Lisa”

Lil Pump is $1.2 million in debt, but if we stream this enough, he can start to put the pieces back together. This is song incredibly fun, dumb and like classic Pump, it has hilarious lyrics “Shoutout to Mona Lisa / I heard she got the nina”. Oh, and Soulja is back too. Ever since getting rejected from DONDA, he has honestly been putting out nothing but heat, with this being no exception.



Cities Aviv



Animal Collective

“Strung With Everything

With this new track of theirs, Animal Collective has fully returned to not giving a fuck about pop conventions. No longer are they bound to conventions, they have fully retreated back to the woods on this one. The cut starts with some rattling wood and lap steel before progressing into more snappy folk sounds. The classic echoed group vocals are back in full effect, throwing it back to the old sound with some real class. I love this direction for the band, I hope the album is just as good.

Jacques Greene


Adam Miller

“Night Bloom”


Tangerine Dream

“You’re Always On Time”

Tangerine Dream is one of those eternal groups that has a sound that is always needed. Whether it was to make Michael Mann’s Thief a masterpiece, to give GTA V an entire world to run people over in, or to be interpolated by Oneohtrix Point Never for Uncut Gems, the group’s edge has not been lost. Although the group’s leader Edgar Froese has passed on, his music still lives on in “You’re Always On Time”, a beautiful 8-minute piece that I am head over heels for. Thank you Anthony Fantano for pointing us in this song’s direction.


Dexter Black


A British Horror Memphis masterpiece.


“U + ME”

A party lullaby to day dream in while holding a red cup.

Shadow Squad / Pawmps / s3ga / DEER / D.F.P. / Doble Temple

“Shadow Ultimate”

An epic viking shadow trap anthem.

44coles / godie


Couture indie, sophisticated and cool.

Pawmps / Interface / Lil Roche


Internet sounds and alt teenage soul.

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