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THE 100 CLUB: 1/17/22

New Music from FKA twigs, The Game, ILOVEMAKONNEN & More


FKA twigs


Twigs completely switches up her sound on this track, adapting a more casual and high BPM style. This is one of the most exhilarating and club heavy cuts I've ever heard from her, yet her artistry remains intact.


FKA twigs/Daniel Caesar


In the same way she did on "holy terrain" twigs allows an R&B singer to enter the temple. "You can be careless with me" she sings, just before interlocking vocals with the very talented Daniel Caesar.

The Game/Kanye West


The Game and Kanye are on two completely different waves on this track. and it definitely hurts its flow. While it's always nice to hear updates from a cursing Kanye this song is unremarkable. The beat is boring with an annoying sample.


Let's Eat Grandma

"Happy New Years"

Congratulations! You made another year, some people aren't so lucky. The return of Let's Eat Grandma feels like the victory music, complete with fireworks. This is life affirming dance pop that just puts me in a great mood.



"Brick Figures"

As huge TNGHT stan in 2013, really appreciated the group's kooky take on trap. While their return was utterly disappointing, their re-return sees them touching back down to their routes a little. "Brick Figures" is TNGHT having fun again.


Earl Sweatshirt

"Happy New Years"

Earl sounds so exquisite over Alchemist beats. He cops this old school flow that compliments the sampled acoustic guitars so well. This is a great send off to a Standout Album.


"In My World"

Where is drunk, depressed MIKE? I haven't seen him in a while and I'm happy about that. "In My World" is a glowing little underground rap gem, a great advancement on MIKE's style.


"Yeah Yeah Yeah"

Who would've thought that pop rock would be the winning avenue for Makonnen? Paired with the punky Yellow Trash Can, he becomes a full-on front man.

Animal Collective


I've been really enjoying the straightforward nature of the recent Animal Collective output. They're able to balance their drawn out vocal style and knack for quirky sound work with more groovy structures.

Alice Longyu Gao

"To My White BOY Princess… …”

ALG is back with more fun high thrill electronic music this time about a white boy that she loves and/or hates.

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