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THE 100 CLUB: 1/13/22

New Music from Mitski, The Weeknd, Father John Misty, SASAMI & More


Father John Misty

"Funny Girl"

"Funny Girl" sees Father John Misty with his wit and arrangement skills intact. The tongue-and-cheek tale he portrays is one of jealous, as he calls his comedian fling a "five foot Cleopatra". I love the lounge singer angle, especially as it begins to border on musical theater.



"Love Me More"

Inspired by post-punk aesthetics, the song is driven by a pulsing synth beat, and a lush layering of pads. I love how the beat builds up to the explosive chorus, and things just go insane with the added high bells. Thematically, Mitski explores how in modern dating, we tend to look for partners to validate our growingly meaningless existences. The first verse sets the scene of Mitski's depression, as she sings about wishing she could just stay at home and become someone else, who doesn't make the same mistakes she can't seem to escape. She ends the verse singing, "But when I'm done singing this song / I Will have to find something else / To do to keep me here / Something else to keep me," hinting at the cyclical nature of apathy. Her solution is found in the chorus where she belts the title of the track, singing, "I need you to love me more / Love me more, love me more / Love enough to fill me up / Fill me up, fill me full up." It's interesting to note that she repeats these lines twice, changing the "fill me up" to "drown me out," which begs the question, is there really any difference? Laurel Hell releases February 4th


The Weeknd


If you listen to one track this week, make it "Gasoline". This is The Weeknd reaching another artistic peak, transcending from drugged-out R&B singer to screenwriter. The techno elements of the track with the assistance of Oneohtrix Point Never are something like I've never quite heard in my life, a perfect song.



"Say it"

SASAMI has metamorphosed into a brand new animal. No longer is she a lo-fi Mitski affiliate, she has blasted her sound out into full nu metal. arena-sized glory. Brutal cut.


Earl Sweatshirt


"You look drained, you should get some rest.” I know Earl, but I have to type this track review. Short, sweet and to the point, Earl 4.0 is here in the straightforward Vince Staples lane but doing it with much more finesse.



LOVEMAKONNEN & Yellow Trash Can

"My Girl Trans"

Gunna/Future/Young Thug

"pushin p"


The Weeknd


THIS TRACK FUCKS. Swedish House Mafia absolutely crushes it with this bass heavy production, and Abel is here getting topical, making promises for a woman that he can’t keep. I don’t wanna sacrifice, for your love, I try,” he belts out on the chorus, firm in his convictions.


Ariel Pink

"Ariel (Friedman)"

For me, the deeply personal, high-pitched "Ariel (Friedman)" is the clear winner of Archevil, calling back to cult classic Pink cuts like "Are You Gonna Look After My Boys?" describes him picking up a homeless woman in the most ridiculous, tongue-and-cheek way possible, "she was looking for change, and so was I”.


"coping mechanism"

The Smile

"You Will Never Work In Television Again"

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