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Grade: C+

M3GAN was basically a longer Black Mirror episode that had a fun ride with an unsatisfying ending. It is set in a futuristic present where the only technological advances were in toy development. There are some scenes with a fancy Alexa but this movie doesn’t really focus on world building. The film follows Cady who has recently lost her parents to an accident and is now being taken care of by her aunt, Gemma. Gemma is a career woman in STEM who makes some of the most technologically advanced toys out. However, she decides the most efficient way to care for her niece is with a robot doll. In comes the titular M3GAN. The thrills begin and end with M3GAN herself, her scenes were so funny and horrific, you kind of root for her.

The bond between M3GAN and Cady becomes a little too close, and that’s when M3GAN begins to go from protection to attack mode. However, since she is a toy, she also does things kids would like. She’s sings, dances and draws, but also m*rders. The singing is at first awkward, but then becomes oddly campy. The scenes where M3GAN goes apeshit – chasing a child on all fours or replicating people’s voices – are the best and the film could’ve used more of them.

The film loses steam with a cliche ending and some unbelievable, heartless interactions between Gemma and Cady. Scenes like this make everyone feel robotic and cold, which is likely intentional but doesn’t always translate through the performances.

Overall, this is a great one time watch in a theater with friends. With more potent world building, more unhinged M3GAN scenes, and slightly more thought provoking AI themes, we could’ve had something great, instead of something good.

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