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ALBUM REVIEW: Otoboke Beaver, Super Champion

Grade: B-

This Japanese girl punk four-piece comes back three years later to rage for another short but furious punk record. On their last project ITEKOMA, the group tackled a plethora of daily annoyances and tasks like working six days a week, introducing a new boyfriend to the family and binge drinking. Super Champon doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but provides nuance on the subject matter. Tracks like “I am not maternal” and “PARDON?” emphatically put the proverbial foot down on male stupidity and female expectations. On “I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN!!!” there’s at least two voices that call out over again before reverting into “SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!”. These tracks have all the pissed emotions of nu-metal, but the male bravado and dullness is replaced with fun and color.

Other cuts like “I checked your cellphone”, “First-class side guy” and the 10-second “Do you want me to send a DM” address modern dating in the most appropriately ADHD way possible. They get straight to the point without mincing words, or even saying any words that aren’t aparent in the title. As this is a Japanese language album and I am being a lazy bastard reviewer, I didn’t even take a cursory glance at what is being said here, but all I know is that it kicks ass. The chemistry between the members is intimate, as is the willingness to get down and dirty. I could imagine the recording process for this being stressful and chaotic, but the end product is one of my favorite albums of the year for sure.

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