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Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Grade: C-

I’m not going to over-intellectualize this shit at all. Future makes a nice return to well-crafted, well-performed bangers for his best project since THE WIZRD. He goes back to basics on every front, which results in less innovation but who really needs that from him at this point? He already changed everything with Pluto 3D, DS2, Beast Mode and his self-titled, the run of back-to-back masterpiece mixtapes is over. Now, he’s satisfied to just make really solid trap music without many frills. It’s not totally frill-free though, that dramatic ass “cost me so much I got nails in my hand” Ye line is fantastic, and are all the other words that follow from him. Free YSL, “FOR A NUT” with Gunna and Young Thug goes stupid hard. Bass, bars about nut stains go hard by Gunna.

There is some bullshit on here for sure, mostly when it comes to the later, slow songs and anything that features Drake. But overall, Future did his job and clocked out, and now we have this Euphoria-coded title for a project with some solid hits.

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