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ALBUM REVIEW: death insurance, i’m in your walls

Grade: C+

This has been out for quite some time, but it sadly got lost in the shuffle for me amongst the major label and bigger indie releases over the past month or so. This is the debut record on Andy Morin’s A2B2 label from the most exciting new act in digital hardcore, death insurance. Over a brief 25-minute runtime, we get some extremely inventive and fast paced internet-bred chaos. Imagine being in a cursed Discord server, trying to desperately keep up with responses while the apartment around you collapses into a blackhole. “go offline” explores that extreme magnetism many of us have to social media, with simple but effective lyrics like “i just wanna go offline/i just wanna go outside/i hate it there/fuck the sky”. It’s brutal (“brainbleed”), fun (“ifeelgr8”) and banging (“bugbite”), with just enough social critique and self-awareness to break through the surface.

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