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October 10, 2020


On this date, AntiArt was started as an Instagram page in Philadelphia. As two passionate music fans, we wanted an outlet to express our opinions on new releases. Over time, our following started to increase and we evolved from posting screenshotted reviews from the Notes App to covering music news, curating playlists and writing articles with clean graphic design. As our content output and popularity has increased, we started a podcast, interviewed some of our favorite artists and cover major events. We are bigger than a social media account at this point and are now a full on independent music blog.







Many people ask us if we are "against" art, or artists for that matter. The simple answer is, no. "Anti" is not an antagonist prefix to "Art", it's a complimentary adjective. "Art" that is "Anti" means that it dominates it's field or completely carves out it's own lane. It's the feeling of watching a brand new movie in theaters and slowly realizing it's your all time favorite film. It's the sound of perfect pop. It's the creeping horror of an abrasive industrial drone record. We are a collective that is here to curate and qualify that form of expression so that all of this doesn't just sound like pretentious nonsense. AntiArt is about disrupting trends, not following them.

Running this platform costs money. As an independent media outlet, we have to rent/buy all our own equipment, pay for editing programs, and travel across the country at our own expense. If you like our content and want to support Anti, consider donating with the links below. We also have T-Shirts available, email for inquiries (just click the Anti logo)

CASHAPP: @ryguy8484

VENMO: @ryan-antiart

Early December, 2020



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